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    River Hero Homes

    What? River Hero Homes is a way to recognize homeowners who are successfully taking steps to improve water quality by reducing the amount of stormwater and pollution leaving their property.  Becoming a River Hero Home is a simple way to help protect the James River. 

    Why? Even if you can’t see the James River – or any body of water – from your house, your actions still impact the health of the James River and its tributaries.  Every time it rains, fertilizers and herbicides, bacteria from pet waste, chemicals and sediment flows from your property into local waterways.  This pollution results in everything from cloudy water to algae blooms and can make our waterways unsafe for swimming and fishing.

    Who? You!  River Hero Homes is open to everyone living in the James River watershed no matter how near or far you live from the River.

    James River Watershed

    How? You can become a River Hero Home by completing 3 simple steps, many of which you may be doing already.  These steps, which include installing a river friendly practice such as rain barrels and everyday actions such as picking up after your pet and reducing fertilizer use, may seem trivial, but they can all have significant impacts on water quality.

    Simply fill out the on-line application and send us a picture of your river friendly practice.  Once we receive your application, we will contact you and send you all of your certification materials.

    Interested in becoming a River Hero Home but aren’t sure how to begin?  If you already have a river friendly practice installed you probably already qualify!  If you’re starting from scratch we have some homeowner tools that can help you with the process.

    Rewards? In addition to feeling good about doing your part to help protect our waterways, certified River Hero Home members receive some great rewards.  Every certified home receives an attractive garden flag and window cling with the River Hero Home logo, access to a dedicated Google group and newsletter, and an invitation to the annual River Hero Homes Lawn Party.  Members also receive exclusive discounts at participating local garden shops and nurseries. Finally, depending on where you live, becoming a certified River Hero Home may also help you qualify for stormwater rebates or credits offered by your locality.

    Become a River Hero Home today! It’s easy, it’s fun and you’ll be helping to protect the health and beauty of local streams and the James River.

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    River Hero Home

    River Hero Home


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